Dear Clients:

1. please fill in the input box you need to complete the query certificate number (only report please input the report number).

2. in complete, do not use the space key.  Please make letters case sensitive

3. the treasure company for measuring up to certificate can not be queried.

4. if you do not find the relevant information of your certificate, there may be:

You enter the certificate query information is wrong, please input again after carefully check the certificate number;

Our database your certificate is not yet entered. Please contact us.

Reminder: due to the principle of confidentiality of customer related information, the query system can only confirm the validity of your query certificate number, and the basic product information. For complete authentication information or need further validation in the following way. Please contact our customer service department, we will be the first time to reply to you. And inform the query results. The data in this system is only for the customer to verify the authenticity of the report, certificate, not for other purposes. The right of final interpretation of the query data to Shenzhen poce technology limited.


Query contact:


Email :service@poce-cert.com